5-Point Programmatic Thrust

Since its founding in 1913, Delta Sigma Theta has clearly distinguished itself as a public service organization that boldly confronts the challenges of African Americans and, hence, all Americans. Over the years, a wide range of programs addressing education, health, international development, and strengthening of the African American family have evolved. In realizing its mission, Delta Sigma Theta provides an extensive array of public service initiatives through its Five-Point Program Thrust of Economic Development, Educational Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Physical and Mental Health, and Political Awareness and Involvement.
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Economic Development

Providing resources and programming to encourage and promote financial stability, economic empowerment, and enhance the overall quality of life of the community-at-large.


Educational Development

Enriching the lives of our youth and community by fostering environments that promote life-long learning and stress the importance of a college education, vocational training, and healthy life skills.


International Awareness and Involvement

Educating local communities on global issues and concerns, and increasing their awareness of matters abroad that have impact domestically.


Physical and Mental Health

Promoting wellness and prevention strategies while educating the community on health concerns confronting the communities we serve through workshops and other activities.


Political Awareness and Involvement

Advocating for a range of social action initiatives, while non-partisan in nature and purpose, we educate the community as appropriate or necessary to do so.